Week 4.1

As a team we presented our Soviet vs Nazi themed Angry Birds redesign. Overall, the presentation went adequately, however, the presentation and final products from the team as a whole could have been finished to a much higher standard. Despite the mediocrity, there are many lessons to be learned from this experience, so that the following design challenges can produce a more satisfying final product.

As an individual I can certainly improve, and become a more productive team member. In order to achieve this I must air any concerns I have with the design concepts and implementations of my fellow team members. Furthermore, if I expect my peers to increase their standards, so must I, and to achieve that I must work harder, more creatively and create better final products and higher quality implementations.

In spite of not producing the best final products, the team were very easy to work with. Throughout the entire process there was no evidence of conflicts between members, and meetings were productive and cooperative. Furthermore, all members of the team completed their assigned work before meetings and due dates to a sufficient standard. Overall, the result was a satisfying team experience.


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