Month: April 2014

Week 5

Having completed Design Challenge 1, I started to think about Design Challenge 2 and develop some ideas for a mobile app. Here is a of my original list ideas:

  1. Sports fan app :scores and updates for your favourite team.
  2. Auto Reminder app: reminds young people who have just moved out of home what chores they need to do. i.e. laundry, mow the lawn, do the dishes.
  3. Organisational app: updates, group messages, reminders, weather updates and travel times for the various organisations you are a part of.
  4. Auto Budget app: An app developed by a bank that tracks your expenditure and bank account balance and provides recommendations of how you should spend your money based on your needs and where you can save money.
  5. TV Reminder app: Tells you when your favourite shows, movies or sports team are going to be on the television.

After considering these ideas I decided the following:

  • That there are thousands of sports apps already in existence, people don’t want another one. This is an idea to steer well clear of.
  • That young people could find it helpful to have Auto Reminders and preset schedules they can select from to fit their daily lives. This is definitely an idea to consider.
  • An Organisational app is perhaps the most useful and can be used by a vast population. The best idea to develop.
  • An auto budget app could be seen as invasive, and it can only be done on for one bank, limiting the user base. A good idea but not viable.
  • A TV reminder app is quite similar to the sports app in the sense that they have been done to death. This is not an idea with potential.

Having made those decisions I developed a very basic sketch of the Organisational app.

(Sketch needs to be scanned)

The above sketch will be used to present to my group for consideration of development for the Design Challenge 2 assessment.