Week 6

The group has decided on doing a health and fitness app. I have been tasked at doing the gym and restaurant recommendations section of the app. Before designing the interface for the section I decided to look at some popular mobile apps for inspiration.


Facebook News Feed


Twitter Layout


MyFitnessPal Layout


Twitter Profile Page


Facebook Profile Page

Quite an obvious trend between the app layouts is a top menu bar with vertically organised, horizontal content. This led me to develop the following sketches.


Original Design Sketches

When I was sketching the four ideations above I decided that it would be good to add a social media component to the design, and having a news feed with updates from friends, gyms and restaurants. This led me to sketch this.


Updated and detailed interface sketch

As you can see I have sketched a few ways to improve the layout of the news feed and some extra details on certain features for future reference.


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