Week 10

Design Challenge 2 if over now and while I do believe our app, InShape, was good aspects as far as an end product is concerned, there were some fundamental issues within the team that dismantled and dissolved the potential of the product. The first issue was within the dynamic of the team, no one seemed to click or be on the same page, one could go as far as to say that we were reading different books entirely. There were some great individual ideas and concepts, but a collective vision for what the app should be never seemed to exist. Communication, or rather the lack of, was the primary area of our failings. If we had communicated properly our final design would have been far better. During meetings it was difficult to get my opinions across, primarily because the rest of the group treated them as an obligation as opposed to an opportunity. There was at least one person every week that was 10 to 20 minutes late, then when the meeting had begun some of the groups members were talking about computer games or just indulging in some banter. It was impossible to know what they were doing because no one would tell each other and thus impossible to create a final product that fulfilled the original ideas potential. Another issue which created divisions in the group was a rather heated argument online between two group members, which contained various personal attacks and cuss words. Obviously the introduction of conflict into the group dynamic does not help in terms of productivity, creativity, decision making or communication. This was definitely a contributing factor as to why InShape did not reach its potential.

Despite this, I would not say that the product was a failure, but that the features and areas of the app were quite segregated from one another. The app lacked cohesion much like the group, which was evident considering that features and entire sections of the app were assigned to individual members of the group. With better communication between group members the product would have fulfilled its potential, but this process provides a valuable experience, one which I will definitely keep in mind in design challenge 3 and in future group/team projects.


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