Week 11

Now in week 10, we have been given design challenge 3. Myself and my new group, Chris and Nat, are tasked with improving orientation week at QUT. We took some time to decide what we found was wrong with O-week, here is what we came up with:

  • Navigating the campus is difficult for first years.
  • Signing up for O-week events is difficult for first years.
  • Finding out information about O-week on the QUT website is difficult for first years.
  • Lecturers have too many sessions.
  • First years either attend a session whilst not signed up, or do sign up and do not attend, leading to inconsistent session sizes.
  • Discovering all the campus has to offer is difficult for first years.

With our issues with O-week established, work was assigned to each member of the group to develop stakeholder stories for the following stakeholders. Here is the assigned work:

  • Nat: International students, high school leavers and mature aged students. (All stakeholders for Nat are first years)
  • Chris: Dean of QUT, Lecturers and QUT Connect.
  • Matt: Stall people, tour guides and performers/bands.

This is what I came up with for the stakeholder stories:

  • Stall People: I run a stall at O-Week for QUT, where I hand out free QUT branded shirts to first years. Before giving out a shirt to someone, we must first verify if the person is a QUT student. What tends to happen is that these first years, firstly don’t know what we are doing so we have to explain that we are giving out shirts. After they discoed this, they ask for a shirt, but we can’t give them one because they don’t have a Student ID. This then prompts a rather time consuming conversation about how and where they get their Student ID’s, wasting my time.
  • Tour Guides: I give tours of the Gardens Point campus to first years throughout O-Week. To be a part of the tour students must sign up to the event on the QUT website. However, students either don’t sign up and tag along anyway or sign up and don’t come. This leads to inconsistent tour sizes, where I may have a group of 5 to a group of 40 at any one time. If most of the students knew they had to sign up for the tours on the QUT website, I could provide better and more detailed tours of the campus.
  • Performers: I play in one of the bands that performs during O-Week. My band and I are here to increase our profile and become more socially recognised and relevant. However, most of the time we are at O-Week the crowds are low, and the long days tend to reduce our performance levels

In week 12, we will select three of the nine developed stakeholder stories for the interactive poster and presentation.


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