Week 13.1

Design challenge 3 has been perhaps the least satisfying experience of them all, despite having the best solution of all of my previous design challenges. In fact, the solution, as far as I am concerned, would resolve the issues of orientation week quite well, but yet again the group dynamic has ruined the experience. Quite early on, Chris and myself became aware that Nat was not doing any work, or being involved in group discussion as much as we were. In fact, during the majority of our meetings and class time his headphones were on and he was watching videos on Youtube, which in turn made meetings and class time ineffective and unproductive. This caused Chris and myself to set up a meeting without Nat, 4 days before the deadline, in order to assign the work between us. This proved to be the most effective meeting since beginning these design challenges. Within half an hour or so, Chris had assigned the work load between us and agreed upon stakeholders, solutions and the presentation format.

So now, a challenge that other groups had five people for, was being completed by 2. However, 2 days before deadline day, when I asked Chris how he was going with his part of the workload he informed me that he was not going to be able to do it as he had other assessment to do.  This meant that I had to complete the majority of the interactive poster and presentation transcript by myself. Design challenge 3 has been frustrating to say the least, but it has been a valuable learning experience nevertheless, and despite having to do other assessment, Chris proved to be one of the best team members I’ve had yet.

P.S. Thank you Christoph for being such a great help throughout the semester 🙂


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